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6 Hour Microblading Fundamental theory & demonstration tutorials

An In person Class either

  • Shadowing Golnaz working on a model

  • Golnaz shadowing you working on a model


  • $400 for 6 full hour training


Call or email us and we would be happy to help!

Tel: (949)400-3091


1 Day In-Person Class

Course Highlights

This class can include but is not limited to:

Things you can cover in person:

     You can see how Golnaz works on a client from A-Z, how the business side of it looks like and much more. 

     You can work a live model and Golnaz can shadow you the whole time, make sure you do the right mapping, numbing, hair strokes and give you the confidence you need to start getting clients.

Topics you did not cover in your previous Microblading class; Forexample:

     The marketing aspect of the business

     The licensing aspect of the business.

     The business itself.

     The budgeting aspect of the business.

     You will get answers to any questions you have.

     You can show me your practices on paper or latex, tell me about your fears and the areas you needs help with and I can help you in that area.


2 Hour Zoom Courses

Aisha Henderson

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Golnaz’s one on one tutoring is highly recommended. 5 star private tutoring for microblading. You can be an artist certified from somewhere else and she can set up a private zoom with you to go over any questions you have just like a private math tutor except  this would be for the microblading business. It comes very handy as someone who has just started the business to have someone who really answer all the questions. I have tried classes where they advertise giving unlimited support and what they do is simply connecting you to a Facebook page and that page is connected to other classmates but it does not give any answers right away or you can only ask one question and get an answer three days later but I rather pay someone and get at least 10 questions answered and then have another private tutoring session and get more questions answered on the next session. I highly recommend her.


One Day In Person Course

John Rodriguez

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Ladies/Gentlemen I do not know where to start from!!!! Golnaz offers a one day class. In this class, you can shadow Golnaz and how she works on one model and then, she will present a model for you to work on. If you have taken an online microblading class somewhere else and want to refresh or get more experience and confidence to start your business, definitely, come and take this class with Golnaz. She is amazing at what she does. She is a great master. She goes through every little details that can help you achieve your goals and dreams. When you shadow her, you will learn from her. When she shadows your work, your confidence gets boosted and be ready to work.


Online Training Course

Googly My Business Reviews

Golnaz offers an online course. Which includes videos, a kit, a book and much more. Golnaz’s book is amazing. Her book has a lot of great contents. Out of all the great topics, there is a part in her book where she explains how to get your business licensing. I believe almost no one touches the licensing part and they leave it to students to figure it out themselves. A lot of students, including me, graduate from a 3 day class and do not know how to start, where to start and their passion gets killed right there. The fact that she goes through what is actually needed to get a permit and license is amazing. I highly recommend her book.I give it 5 out of 5.


About Course Trainer: Golnaz

Golnaz has been a cosmetic tattoo artist for several years. Her background and experience in microblading, architecture and teaching, elevated her to be one of the most skilled, versatile and standout PMU artists in the industry.


Accompanying er reputation as being an amazing artist, Golnaz is known as a great educator on topics such as needles, color theory, skin under tones and different hair stroke patterns in Microbladig. She spent years making her own style of microblading.


She owns the 3D Brows Architect studio in Orange County. Golnaz stays at the top of her game with her procedure skills, remaining up to date with all the techniques in the industry, humble and dow to earth.


Golnaz considers herself an artist and educator/trainer. She has taken all of her knowledge, all that she has experienced and all that she has to give to other artists and put it all together right here. She is confident it will help and nurture artists of all types to reach new levels in their own work.

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